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    Saturday, February 18th, 2017
    7:57 pm
    still here, still insane. ;)
    Oh hey, another two years! We got a new house, no more annoying neighbors. ;)
    Friday, March 14th, 2014
    7:16 am
    I'm here, I'm alive, and still insane.


    Now that I've gotten this account undeleted I look back and see that I haven't posted in two years. Wow, that's a long time, and yet the issues which were paramount to the day then are still ongoing. We had started the moving-out-and-putting-the-condo-on-the-market process two years ago and we're still IN that process, having just moved to a house but not yet sold the condo. Not sure why the condo didn't sell over the last two summers.

    There was a concatenation of events: Our selling agent had his partner die, so that his head wasn't in the game, and then his agency dropped the ball and assign us someone else. Then there was the Lac Megantic train accident (40 people killed in Canada by the run-away train) and several other train accidents which were widely publicized; and our condo is next to a railroad track, so all of a sudden people were listing 'too close to tracks' as their reason for not wanting to buy the place. Which is really spurious - the track near our place (that is, near the condo we're selling) is pretty level, though with curves, so if there were any runaway trains they'd derail on a curve long before they made it that far along the flat. And if the objection is noise - no, the road is noisier. The train comes by about six times a day, but it's in town so it's moving slowly and quietly, and without sounding any horns or whistles. Even the bells at the crossing, 30 feet away, are inaudible with our windows closed. But not having had a regular agent who knew the situation and could discuss those points it's pretty impossible to combat those sorts of notions. And I have no way of knowing if all that has anything to do with why nobody bought it. Saying the train was too close might just have been an excuse they could think of.

    Regardless, we bought another house and moved anyway, even though we really can't afford two mortgages, and now we're camping out in a house that's way too large for our needs and has a wonky furnace that we have to kick every few hours. Right now I'm waiting for a new furnace motor to be delivered, which was supposed to come yesterday. UPS listed 'weather or accident' as their excuse, but the weather was better by the time they listed that. So, I hope the driver was not hurt in the accident.

    This house is on quite a hill, so we could have had amazing sledding with all the snow we've had this year, if we hadn't been so busy with moving in and trying to clean and fix stuff. Moving in the winter kind of sucks, especially to a two hundred year old house with little insulation and poorly fitting windows when the guy you're buying from leaves you with NO OIL, and you have to be hauling in jugs of diesel in some of the worst storms in years. It's been an interesting time, and really I haven't posted to any of my journals much in the past few months.
    Friday, June 15th, 2012
    7:48 am
    since I've undeleted this account...
    I just picked up my paper journal, yesterday, and realized I haven't made any entries since last October. :(

    On the neighbors front, we're sick up and fed with the condo situation. We've had two real estate agents in so far, and I think the second agent we saw had already done some stuff to screw us over before he even came in. So, we're renting a storage space - I'm looking into it today - and we're going to start putting stuff in it so we'll be ready to move quickly when/if we get the chance. I can't tell you how much it lightened my heart when Eor started putting books into boxes, last night. Why should the first stages of moving make me feel so much better? It is stressful in itself, but it's also turning stress into motion, it's doing something about changing the situation, even if it's not the exact right thing. It's the nomad in my soul delighting in the prospect of running away from our problems. Whatever it is, my life with Eor has been characterized by moving every three to five years, but I've at least been able to keep my jobs for much longer. I think moving distracts me from the stresses of the work sphere. :) I said to my coworker, Mistress of the Night, that I wanted to cut and run and she was all, "But you can't! Your bills! You'll lose your job!" etc. Hullo, the two do not equate. My bills will get paid.

    Somebody was actually parked in my CLEARLY NUMBERED space the other day. I nearly went ballistic, but Eor restrained me.

    On the family front, issues of travel to Hawk's wedding seem to be getting ironed out for my Mom and youngest brother, Eightball. :) There's no way to tell until they're actually arrived at their destination, so I'll be trying to keep the cell-phone charged, but it'll be hard to help them if there's an issue. Mom still hasn't, apparently, contacted her middle brother, nor will she tell me when her return ticket is for, even though I did attempt to remind her that summer in Maine is short and we might want to be able to make our own plans, which will of necessity hinge on hers, as our guest.

    I think I had a dream that Hawk called me and told me that the wedding was off. I THINK it was a dream because if it were real I'd think I'd have told Eor right away, as it might change what we'd be doing that weekend. I'm pretty sure that the only phone call I had with Hawk lately was that he was back up here for a short time redoing some of his tests for school and he wondered if he could borrow our kayaks for him and a friend to go out last Sunday. The only wedding-related stuff in that conversation was following up on the situation with Aunt Ess, who he did not invite to the wedding even though he invited her sister, Aunt BeeJay. He tells me he has now written a nice, newsy letter to her explaining that decision - he didn't want to burden her with the guilt of having to say she couldn't attend, or the financial stress of trying to make it. I'm glad he's written the letter and hope that it does make her feel at least included in some way. The situation annoys me, because he made a decision for her, really, by not inviting her. I'm the only one who should be planning other people's lives in my family. ;)

    So, yes, it's not that I have nothing to write about, it's just that it's all such an ongoing tangled mess, and things haven't been resolving themselves in nice, neat ways, and I don't want to bore with a bunch of bitching, and especially where so much of it is about work, which nobody wants to hear about. Instead I've been writing paper letters. Woe unto them who receive them, unfortunately - ten or more pages, often, of this kind of thing.
    Monday, May 16th, 2011
    9:19 am
    Does anyone use InsaneJournal? I thought it was defunct until I got an email saying my account would be deleted if I didn't use it.
    Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
    2:52 pm
    made it back alive from Katadin
    We made it back from Katadin, from our solstice climb! I honestly had my doubts for a few minutes, when we'd been walking for miles on the top of the mountain in a lashing rain. Eor has posted his detailed story of the hike.

    It was as we were downclimbing the arete that I started shuddering uncontrollably. He had said we were stopping soon to put on another layer of clothing, so I said nothing at the time. Shortly after that he complimented how I was quietly soldiering on and doing well, and I said that I had stopped complaining because I was convinced I was going to die. He laughed, and didn't think I was serious until much later.

    On the last, easy little bit of the hike (a walk, really) just before getting back to the campground, I mentioned that I would like to climb Mt. Fuji some time because I've gotten the impression it's quite different than Katadin, a walk-up from what I hear, and he started in on how if we do Katadin a few more times we might be able to get to the point where we can climb it in the dark, we can take headlamps and go up for summer solstice to see the sun rise from the top.

    I may have said something like 'no fucking way!' I might have. And followed that up with, "If you think you're EVER going to convince me to do something like this again...! Well, I'll just let you know that now is not a good time."

    Yeah, yeah, I'll probably try again next year. My legs almost feel normal again, three days later. We got so damned close, and were doing so well. If it hadn't been for the rain we would have made it this year.

    It might be the bruises on each knee which are causing the most problem - my knees don't want to bend. I said I looked like I'd had a kicking fight, and Eor said I'd been beat up by a mountain. The mountain always wins, as he says. Annoyingly, though, the worst looking bruise on my leg I managed to give myself vaccuuming out my car before leaving.

    Friday we attempted to dry out all our stuff, which never happened, under the forest canopy. We did some easy walking to try to keep from stiffening up, Eor puttered around the van putting things in order (he's a perpetual motion machine during camping), and we went to bed early yet again. Woke up very early on Saturday, broke camp, and went to Millenockett for breakfast. They do something at the Appalacian Trail Cafe called 'chopped tots,' in place of homefries. Basically it's tater tots (which, if you aren't familiar with them, are little balls of mashed potatoes which have been deep fried and then frozen so you can heat them in the oven at home) chopped up on the grill - aka how can we put MORE grease into your meal. Tasty. :)

    By the time we arrived home Saturday afternoon I wanted to collapse - and this is after having slept quite well and long for two nights - but laundry had to be done and there was a concert we wanted to go to in the evening, and I'm happy to report that I rallied and felt quite able and normal for the concert. (Worse now, but that's sometimes how it goes.)

    Things I'm glad we had for the hike -


    sufficient food (am really glad I got the thai curry cashews and maple roasted cashews!)

    polarfleece jackets

    smartwool socks (they totally rock about keeping your feet warm even when soaked!)

    Things I wish we'd had -

    rainpants (one of the other hikers had them and he was in much better shape on the way down than we were.) TOUGH rainpants, though, because sliding over the rocks might take it out of them.

    Things I hope to change next year -

    The pokey thing that was happening with the struts in my pack against my back. Eor has already rebent the struts somewhat, I'll have to pay more attention to getting that sorted out in future hikes; I have a bruise.

    You ever notice how there's all those "This body climbed Mount Washington" t-shirts, but none for Katadin? It's not freaking fair. I think it's really a harder climb in a lot of ways. But of course nobody wants to get up there to sell shirts. (I still plan to get a Mt. Washington t-shirt. I earned it, even if it was two years ago. I may make my own Katadin shirt, if I ever make the damned summit.)

    In completely unrelated news, I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon to discuss breast reduction. I'm so excited! Kind of scared, but mostly excited. :) I've wanted this since I was seventeen, and the recent persistent problems with my upper back and neck are indicating it might be a good idea. Yay!
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